As a trusted ally, it is my responsibility to remove the nightmare from your digital dreams, so you can focus on what you do best – changing the world.

A Powerful Ally: Michael Gburski

Making It Easier For Nonprofits To Be Successful Online

At my core, I am driven to make a positive difference in the world. Spreading kindness and being generous were baked into my being by my mother. While my Marine father augmented those values with honor, courage, and commitment.

My life, as most of us, is filled with turning points that at the time may feel like mistakes in judgment or action. I call these my “Fortunate Missteps” because, over the long term, these missteps are some of the best things that happened to me.

The experiences and lessons learned gave me the amazing privilege of helping nonprofits do more good. I’m still learning and growing and always will be, but my focus remains the same – helping people. Whether it’s building a home or building a fundraising campaign, I am there with a smile and a helping hand.

I wrote my first program in BASIC in 7th grade and launched my first website in 1996. My full-time journey into digital marketing and website began in 2014 as the Project Manager for a local digital marketing agency.

Today, as the Founder and Digital Jedi at JadeFire Development, I get the opportunity to combine my core values, passion, and experience to help nonprofit organizations increase their impact and do more good.

Curious to learn how I can make a difference for your nonprofit? Schedule a time to chat and let’s explore your options together.

Banish Fear And Worry

Freeing you to concentrate on what you do best!

If you are like most of my clients, your time and energy are already stretched to capacity. Adding all the tasks required for successful digital marketing and fundraising only increases your stress and anxiety.

You are not alone! Many of my clients, felt the same way. Maintaining and marketing their website was at the bottom of their To-Do list, or worse, an afterthought.

As a Digital Jedi, it is my duty to eliminate that stress and worry from your life. Joining forces with me brings much-needed respite knowing your website is being maintained and people are donating.

Through the proper application of knowledge, experience, and judicious use of the Force your life is filled with peace and harmony. I make it possible for you to focus on what you do best – making the world a better place.

Helping Nonprofits Make A Difference

About JadeFire Development

A Full-Service Digital Agency For Nonprofits

JadeFire Development was born in 2015. Over the last seven years, we have been honing our skills in digital marketing, digital fundraising, website design, and conversion optimization.

Technology and the Internet are always changing. The strategies that work today, may not work tomorrow. We won’t tell you we have all the answers because we don’t.

But we do know where to look and, more importantly, how to apply them so people are coming to your website AND taking action – making a donation, volunteering, signing a pledge, you name it.

For example, Google changes its search algorithm an average of 6 times per day (2,200 times a year). And that’s just Google. Add in all the strategies, best practices, and nuances for everything else, and the feeling of being overwhelmed quickly sets in.

You don’t have the time or the energy to learn (or re-learn) the skills, strategies, and techniques necessary to build and maintain a website. Not to mention market it effectively to raise more money online.

That’s where we come in. Our team is always learning and experimenting so we can provide solutions that drive results. Digital marketing and fundraising are what we do, we live (and die) in this space so you don’t have to.

The goal of JadeFire Development is simple – help you achieve your mission faster. Want to put our enthusiasm, creativity, and tenacity to work for you? Schedule a chat to learn how we put these traits to work for you!

Get Out Of The Nightmare

Achieve your goals quicker, change the world faster

We’ll take care of the little things and the subtle details, freeing you to focus on achieving your mission.

If you’re looking to work with an open and honest team that treats every project with the same level of attention and delivers a remarkable customer experience from start to finish, then the team at JadeFire Development is the ideal agency for you.

Our customer-focused, results-driven mindset and dedication to exceeding expectations make us the perfect choice.

Looking for an agency that provides concierge-level customer service, and delivers on its promises? Then we are the right choice for you!